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EURUSD || Sell Limit @1.11404 29.09.2023 08:29:04 UTC || Close @1.05802 29.09.2023 08:29:11 UTC || +5.02% [TEST 10]

Trade Report: FundGPT AI’s EURUSD Sell Limit Trade

The FundGPT AI trading system executed a sell limit order on the EURUSD pair at 08:29:04 on September 29, 2023. The trade opened at a price of 1.11404 and closed at 1.05802 in less than a minute, at 08:29:11. Congruently, the trade resulted in a substantial profit, considering the forex market’s micro-pips.

Before delving into the in-depth technical analysis, it’s noteworthy to mention that short-term trades, like the one being analysed, are determined mainly by minute-to-minute fluctuations. Hence, analysing on a larger time scale, like the 1-hour timeframe, won’t provide actionable insight for this trade.

Examining the 1 min chart, the trade opened with a Stochastic signaling indicating a value of 45.13, which suggests that EURUSD was in a neutral territory. By the trade close, it fell to 38.8, confirming the downward trajectory. The Stochastic main followed a similar pattern, dropping from 31.62 at trade open to 29.06 at trade close, reinforcing the sell signal.

The RSI values displayed a minor decrease from 47 to 46.25, which indicates a slight build in downward momentum, and the MACD indicators on both the signal and main line dwindle closer to zero – another bearish signal.

Moreover, the CCI experienced a marginal move down from -43.03797 at the open to -48.16133 at the close, laying further credence to the downward move. Bollinger Bands, a key volatility indicator, maintained stable throughout; however, considering the extreme short duration of this trade, it did not play a significant part.

The Parabolic SAR for 1 minute, which provides possible points of trend reversal, was 1.05816 at the open and slightly moved down to 1.05805 at the close. The moving averages (MA) stayed stable over the minute, hinting continuity in the prevailing trend. However, a minor change was recognised in the Average True Range (ATR), which stayed constant at 0.00008, indicating the stability of the price volatility over the course of the minute.

The Awesome Oscillator (AO) showed a slight decrease from 0.00002 to -0.00001, indicating a small loss in momentum. The AC indicator also retracted slightly from -0.00004 to -0.00005, indicating a possible slowdown in the upward price action. This minor flux in various indicators supports the decision to execute a sell limit order.

In regards to the quoted stop and limit levels, they were aligned smartly considering the market conditions, and provided a good risk to reward ratio, displaying the prowess of the FundGPT AI system.

The combination of these indicators, coupled with the downward direction of the price move, justifies FundGPT’s selling decision. The responsiveness of the system to these changes in indicators enabled FundGPT to seize the opportunity efficiently within the extremely short time frame, leading to a desirable trade excursion.

Disclaimer: This report is generated by an AI system using real data. While we strive for accuracy, there may be errors in interpretation. The information provided should not be solely relied upon for investment decisions. Trading, especially automated and experimental systems, carries a high level of risk. Invest responsibly and only with funds you can afford to lose.

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