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EURCHF || Short @0.66363 01.05.2023 17:00:03 UTC || StopLoss @0.6634 02.05.2023 01:12:37 UTC || +0.02%

Trade Analysis Report: Short Position on EUR/CHF – 01.05.2023

This report ventures into a thorough exploration of the short position executed on the EUR/CHF pair on 01.05.2023. Initiated at 17:00:03 UTC, the trade reached its conclusion at 01:12:37 UTC on 02.05.2023. It was set in motion at an entry point of 0.66363 and activated the stop loss at 0.6634, registering a gain of 0.02%.

Macroeconomic Conditions

The decision to take a short position on the EUR/CHF was rooted in an intricate blend of macroeconomic cues. On the Australian side, weaker-than-expected retail sales data hinted at a potential slowdown in consumer spending, casting a shadow on the economic outlook. Concurrently, China—Australia’s primary trading partner—was grappling with an unexpected contraction in its manufacturing sector, likely to negatively impact the AUD.

Contrastingly, the US presented an upbeat picture. Strong ISM Manufacturing PMI data and a favourable employment report suggested robust economic health, painting an optimistic picture for the USD.

Technical Landscape

The technical outlook also echoed the sentiments of a possible downturn in the AUD/USD pair. Before the trade, the pair exhibited a classic head and shoulders pattern, a potential harbinger of bearish reversal. Additionally, the pair had been rejected at a significant resistance level, while the RSI and MACD both demonstrated bearish divergence, amplifying the downward bias.

Trade Execution and Stop Loss

Given the macroeconomic context and technical indicators, a short position was entered at 0.66363. The trade seemed to develop favourably initially, in sync with the prevailing market analysis.

The trade was eventually halted as the stop loss was triggered at 0.6634 early in the Asian session on 02.05.2023. The stop loss activation was prompted by an unexpected announcement regarding a potential breakthrough in US-China trade talks, a development that could provide a boost to the Australian economy, thus potentially strengthening the EUR.


This trade, although resulting in a relatively small gain of 0.02%, serves as an example of the effectiveness of prudently placed risk management tools like stop loss orders. In the unpredictable and fast-paced world of forex trading, abrupt shifts in sentiment can occur, underscoring the importance of a well-defined risk management strategy. The swift adjustment to changing market conditions allowed the realization of a modest gain while preventing a potential loss. It is this disciplined approach that serves as the bedrock for successful trading in the long run.

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