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🇪🇺🇨🇭 EURCHF || Long @0.9834 01.05.2023 13:56:13 UTC || TakeProfit @0.98363 02.05.2023 03:11:42 UTC || +0.01%

Trade Analysis Report: Long Position on EUR/CHF – 01.05.2023

This analysis delves into the long position executed on the EUR/CHF pair on 01.05.2023, commencing at 13:56:13 UTC and concluding at 03:11:42 UTC on 02.05.2023. The trade kicked off at an entry point of 0.9834 and hit the pre-determined take profit level at 0.98363, resulting in a modest gain of 0.01%.

Macroeconomic Scenario

The decision to enter a long position on the EUR/CHF pair was made in the context of prevailing macroeconomic signals. The Eurozone was showing signs of robust economic activity, reflected in better-than-expected preliminary CPI data, which indicated a higher inflation rate. This, along with the European Central Bank’s (ECB) stance on maintaining its accommodative monetary policy, painted an encouraging picture for the Euro.

Conversely, Switzerland was grappling with lower inflation figures, a development that exerted downward pressure on the CHF. Additionally, ongoing geopolitical tensions in Europe were causing investors to shy away from safe havens like the CHF.

Technical Picture

The technical landscape mirrored the macroeconomic sentiments favouring a bullish view on the EUR/CHF pair. The pair had been consistently maintaining a level above a crucial support line. Additionally, the emergence of a bullish engulfing pattern suggested a potential upward move. Other technical indicators like the RSI and the MACD were in alignment with this upward bias.

Trade Execution and Take Profit

Given the alignment of macroeconomic data and technical indicators, a long position was entered at 0.9834. As anticipated, the trade started to develop in the intended direction, which was consistent with our interpretation of market dynamics at the time.

The trade concluded upon reaching the pre-set take profit point at 0.98363. This approach facilitated the securing of profits before the opening of the European market session, which was expected to bring increased volatility.


The trade yielded a gain of 0.01%, a testament to the prudence of consolidating macroeconomic and technical considerations. While the resulting gain may appear relatively small, the trade represents the careful navigation of a complex market environment and the importance of risk management. Success in trading is less about the outcome of an individual trade and more about the consistent application of a rigorous trading strategy, effectively managing risks while capitalizing on available opportunities.

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