Autonomous. Efficient. Data Driven: Translating Numbers into Opportunities.

Harness the power of cutting-edge trading technology, previously reserved for top financial institutions, now available for everyone.

Benefiting from the liquidity networks of our partners, featuring providers such as:

An Intuitive Solution

Amplify your existing portfolio using the power of AI-driven trading algorithms. Allow FundGPT to navigate the financial landscape for you with unprecedented intelligence.

AI GPT-4 Based Autonomous Trading

Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 (what powers ChatGPT), ingesting vast amounts of technical and economic data to trade for you 24/7.

Fully automated, hands-free trading.

The FundGPT trading methodology is entirely autonomous. Meaning all trading is conducted hands-free and without the need for any manual intervention.

Fees applied only on profits. Trust though performance

We believe in a fair game. Thus, you're only charged on the profits we help you generate.

Automated & Diversified

High-Frequency Trading

Our advanced platform ensures continuous trading operations, 24/7, across dozens of financial instruments and assets.

Thanks to the sophisticated automation of FundGPT, you can sit back and let the technology work for you, no manual intervention required.

No deposit, withdrawal or

holding periods

Your financial security is paramount to us. We never take custody of your funds; they remain within your brokerage account which you can withdraw at anytime.

Regulated broker, Regulatory Compliance

& Audited Reporting

We work with brokerages and asset management firms that are are both independently authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Real-Time Trade


We believe in strong transparency. We want you to following along with the AI and see it in action. Every decision that the AI makes with your funds, is reported right on this website as soon as the transaction is closed.

High-Reward Opportunities

Each strategy brings a unique, non-overlapping approach to trading, such as mean reversion, breakout, and momentum trading strategies, applied across a variety of time frames.

Calmwater Preservation

Drawing upon the imagery of serene waters, this name is meant to evoke feelings of security and tranquility, aligning with the low-risk approach of the fund.


Bridgeway Prosperity

Evoking the image of a robust bridge, this name conveys the balanced, calculated risk approach of the moderate-risk fund in order to pave the path towards prosperity.


Crownpeak Velocity

Crownpeak' signifies the high point of a journey, representing the high-risk fund's objective to reach new heights at a rapid pace, despite the potential volatility.


The structure of FundGPT is anchored in a complex framework, intricately weaving together the

following cardinal components:

Profound Technical Analysis

FundGPT’s AI rigorously analyses real-time trade data against millions of historical data points, learning iteratively to optimise for superior outcomes.

Multi-Tiered Machine Learning Integration

Our structured AI layers assimilate transactional data, incrementally progressing towards autonomous, intelligent market participation.

GPT-4-Infused Decision Matrix

The GPT-4 Decision Matrix synthesises transaction outcomes, iteratively advancing towards sovereign market navigation capabilities.

Adaptive Risk Management

The AI system is being trained to autonomously recalibrate risk thresholds, thereby fortifying investment resilience and yield potential.

Diversification & Portfolio Balancing

Analytical AI distills trade efficacy, informing the evolution towards an AI-centric portfolio diversification and equilibrium methodology.

Optimization and Innovation

With each algorithmic trade, FundGPT’s AI refines its operational paradigms, edging closer to pioneering autonomous trade execution.

Our Performance

We believe in strong transparency. We want you to be following along with the AI and see it in action. Every decision that the AI makes with your funds, is reported right on this website as soon as the transaction is closed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Sign up is simple. Click any of the following buttons: “Register”, “Join Now” or “Create Account”. The registration process will guide you through several steps. Once completed, the FundGPT Algorithm will commence automatic trading on your behalf.

Our pricing model is an equitable “70/30″ profit share concept. This means you retain 70% of the profits generated by our trading algorithms – we receive just 30%. This creates a win-win situation, as our success is directly linked to your profits. If there are no profits, you will not be charged a profit share.

While there is no official minimum investment amount, all operations are based on a minimum of $2000. Therefore, if you connect with any amount less than $2000, you will be trading with increased risk. For instance, an investment of $1000 would mean you’re trading with double the risk due to having only half the recommended investment balance.  


No. Once your account is set up and connected to FundGPT, trading will proceed 100% automatically.

Absolutely, you can withdraw your money whenever you wish. To do so, simply log into your broker account and follow the withdrawal process.

Our brokerage partner handles all payments and withdrawals from your account. You may fund or withdraw at any time through the client portal.

At FundGPT, we neither manage nor receive client funds. We provide a unique opportunity to engage with our proprietary algorithms in collaboration with our FCA-regulated asset management firm partners, London & Eastern LLP. Your money is stored in your personal account with our stringently licensed partner brokers, to which only you have access.

For any queries, fill out the contact form, schedule a call with one of our experts through calendy, or use the chat button on the left of the screen.

Yes, you can cancel your usage of FundGPT at any time, free of charge. Simply turn off the FundGPT signals in your broker account client portal.

Trading Knowledge

A trading algorithm is a software that automatically trades on financial markets using statistics and mathematical analysis. While once exclusive to institutional investors such as hedge funds and banks, FundGPT now offers private investors the opportunity to leverage trading algorithms in a simple and user-friendly product.

A brokerage company is a financial intermediary that facilitates transactions between counterparties. In foreign exchange, a brokerage company executes orders to buy and sell currencies for its clients, acting as an intermediary between banks. Clients of FundGPT algorithms use a renowned broker who enables the FundGPT algorithm to trade automatically and monitor all positions around the clock.


To learn more about the FundGPT trading performance, click here and enter your email.

Track your FundGPT account performance via your broker’s web portal. Clicking on the bar chart symbol in “My Accounts” allows you to access your account’s performance and track your trading.

Each strategy has a specified equity stop out displayed in the strategy’s statistics. We use machine learning to predict future expectancies for our strategies, reducing risks when drawdowns are predicted. FundGPT trades diversified on many currency pairs and combines a variety of strategies to manage risk. Our expert analysts monitor and update the strategies, replacing them when necessary.

FundGPT Algorithms trade in multiple time frames, holding positions from a few minutes to several days.

The number of positions the algorithm opens varies daily based on trade signals and volatility. On average, the algorithm opens and closes approximately 4-8 positions every 24 hours. However, there may be days when the algorithm opens no trades.

FundGPT’s success stems from adaptive trading logic, smart use of machine learning and AI, active risk management, and intelligent diversification. While returns can be high, users must understand that returns are tied to corresponding risks. We place great importance on the relationship between risk and return when developing our products.

All FundGPT investment decisions are made by an automated AI algorithm that exclusively trades currency pairs. We chose currency pairs since they have extremely high liquidity. It utilises over 10 independent, linear strategies, each using non-redundant trading methods such as mean reversion, break-out and momentum trading, on different time frames. A random forest machine learning algorithm predicts each strategy’s risk and return for the coming period and automatically deploys the strategy with the highest expectancy. The strategy aims for high-risk, high reward opportunities across several markets. The AI has access to hard and trailing stop-loss, as well as averaging solutions, chosen based on the predictors, strategy and market situation.





For the avoidance of doubt FundGPT is not independently regulated by the FCA. FundGPT is a ‘Strategy Provider’ to London & Eastern LLP. London & Eastern LLP is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, ref 534484. 
Registered address: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, W1 W7LT.

Fund Custody

FundGPT does not hold or otherwise have control over client funds. All funds deposited by clients for the purposes of FundGPT are held by Vantage Markets (“Vantage”). Vantage maintains segregated client trust accounts, with top-tier banks, as an extra layer of protection of clients’ funds. 
Vantage is a fully regulated entity, holding licenses from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia.

Risk Warning

Trading carries high risks and may result in the loss of your capital. FundGPT utilises advanced technologies, including generative artificial intelligence, which are novel and in constant development. The application of these technologies introduces additional risks associated with system errors, algorithmic biases, and the complexity of market dynamics. Please ensure you fully understand these risks before engaging with FundGPT. FundGPT does not accept clients who do not fully comprehend the risks involved in trading, including the use of novel technologies. Seek independent financial advice if needed.

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